CLARE MIXERS was founded in 1748, at the climax of the industrial revolution, with the longest history of manufacturing in Liverpool. At the beginning, it mainly produced mixing and stirring equipment. 260 years later, CLARE MIXERS enterprise has set up branches in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Europe and Hong Kong. The enterprise has been committed to and focused on research and development for mixing, stirring, dispersing, emulsifying, feeding transportation and producing energy equipment. Our products are sold all over the world for its high quality.


Nantong Clare Mixing Equipment Co., Ltd. authorizes our company’s legal counsel-Mr Shengwei works in Nantong Dongjin Law Firm to declare the following statement: The designs, photos, artwork and text in our company’s webpage are in the scope of protection of our intellectual property. Any unit or individual shall not use for commercial profit-making activities without our consent.

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